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Published: September 27, 2011
Moby Dick

The Portrait of a Dick

Finnegans Dick

For Whom the Dick Tolls

A Dick of One’s Own

The Tell-Tale Dick (short story)

The Divine Dick

A Midsummer Night’s Dick

A Critique of Pure Dick

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dick

The Dick

The Decline and Fall of the Dick

On Dick

War and Dick

Tender is the Dick

As I Lay Dicking

Homage to Dickalonia

The Red Dick of Courage

Dick in America

The Origin of Dick

Hard Dicks

Crime and Dick

Madame Dick

What is Dick?

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Dick

Twilight of the Dicks

The Dicks of Wrath

The Wealth of Dicks

Selected Dicks

In Cold Dick

No Country for Old Dick
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