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November 22, 2013

We live in a time where older men dating younger women is no longer considered a taboo, and for good reason, since it was high time society got over its many reservations.

We live in a time where older men dating younger women is no longer considered a taboo, and for good reason, since it was high time society got over its many reservations. True that this is just one of the unreasonable hang ups, but it’s at least a start. So what does dating older men involve? Is it necessarily the classic sugar daddy and girl on his arm kind of relationship?

Not really, in fact, older men like free and independent women who can take their own decisions and are fiercely proud of their individuality. It is a grotesque misconception that men prefer doll-like women who will be wooed by Victorian courtship rituals. They desire dating younger women who can speak their minds and ask for what they want; honestly, indecision is more a masculine trait these days than a feminine one. And the older men get, the better they realize this.

But why would a woman, at the peak of her youthful beauty, want to date an older man? Part of the answer is because they are more emotionally, psychologically and financially secure. Everyone likes good dinner on a date, not cheap takeaway Chinese food. Besides, science has proven that women mature faster mentally, which makes them automatically interested in men older than them; ‘the older the better’ is a motto we can expect to see soon in dating circles.

The perks of dating older men are many; the first among them being that there is no fear that the guy will start viewing it as something serious. It’s a problem every woman has faced sometime or the other in her life, certain young men can find it difficult to move on; it’s ironic, but the concept of a hook-up continues to elude a lot of people even in the 21st century.

A younger woman is also going to be treated a lot better by an older man than his younger counterparts. I’ll put it this way, as age catches up, the number of ‘probable partners’ reduces. Men, despite all the evolution, still have their hunter’s tendencies intact. They not only want a wide playing field, but also a lot of women there so that they can pick the most viable among them. Sadly for men, the playing field reduces with time, which in turn translates to them showering more attention on fewer women. Strangely, that works better for women.

Gifts!! The younger a man, the more likely he is to be broke all the time. Not only that, but younger men are also less attuned to the concept of gifts; it’s one which is learned from social interactions that are not extremely casual. Observe it, younger men tend to go out more with close friends, while older men tend to have friends from work, which is a slightly more formal sort of relationship. Then there is also the more practical aspect, namely that an older man has bought more gifts in his lifetime than a younger one; thus, he is more likely to know what would be the right thing a woman wants. (We know that all men are bad at picking gifts, but with older men, at least there is hope).

This is probably the biggest one- the sex is better! They don’t say ‘practice makes a man perfect’ for no reason, and those fumbling sessions with shirt buttons and bra straps do tend to get on women’s nerves. What’s more, older men like dating younger women who can be intimidating in bed, and women, are always keen to grab that opportunity.