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September 21, 2012

One man's mission to make no absolutely no appreciable difference at all by slightly inconveniencing several hundred congressional staffers.


So, a little while ago, I wrote this little ditty about how Congress' approval rating had fallen below 0%. It was born mostly out of frustration with our political leaders' absolute inability to do anything other than name post offices. This was combined, of course, with a moderate sense of boredom because there did not appear to be anything to watch on TV at the time.

The story did pretty well. It was published by FOD, as well as a bunch of different venues, got three and a half thousand individual hits, and hopefully raised a few chuckles.

As the cycle of life generally goes, I got bored again. Also, I was still frustrated with Congress. Turns out, they still weren't doing anything. So, I decided to simultaneously relieve some of that frustration and boredom by posting my story on every single Congressperson's Facebook wall.

If you feel frustrated and/or bored, come join us! Below is FOD's link to the story and the Facebook page. Post it on your legislator's wall! Post it on your friend's legislators' wall! If you're like most Americans, and don't know who you legislator is, Google it!

I'm told that this small act of defiance will fundamentally shake the foundations of the American political system forever. Phil told me that. If it doesn't work, bring it up with him.

So join the campaign, and together, we can all slightly inconvenience several hundred social media interns.

-Bobby D. Foster