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July 18, 2015

Gotham Reporter breaks the news that Rachel Dolezal is actually the Batman Villain, The Appropriator

Rachel Dolezal was a Batman Villain

Rachel Dolezal Parody News Text from Gotham

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June 25, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Revealed to be Member of the League of Shadows

by Jonathan Crane (staff writer)

Documents recently recovered from Gotham City archives show that disgraced former NAACP (Spokane Chapter) president Rachel Dolezal was a member of another highly-regarded society, The League of Shadows.

League Commissioner Thalia Al-Ghul confirmed that Ms. Dolezal served as ombudsman for the group from 2010-2012, after which she was kicked out of the League by vice-commissioner Bane Rodriguez for her inhumane tactics. This reporter obtained a copy of Ms. Dolezal’s application to enter the League of Shadows and under race, she marked African American, white and American Indian. It appears that Rachel Dolezal was also a Batman Supervillain.

In 2013, she attempted to rob the identities of African American women in Gotham under the moniker: “The Appropriator.” She was subsequently caught in her own lies.