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May 31, 2012

It's Facebook. Need I say more about the dumb shit that goes on there?

Let's discuss how the social networking giant know as Facebook has led to the mass retardation of the world population.  Facebook allows you to interact with all of your "friends" (most of which you barely know) so you can discuss your day to day bullshit that nobody even wants to hear.  Fucking glorious isn't it?  Not only do you have to deal with all the mundane innate activities of your own shitty life but you also have to be bombarded on a 24 hour basis by everyone else' piss ant activities.

It gets better folks.  If hearing about your friend's mothers recent vaginal rejuvenation or seeing pictures of your friends ugly big headed children doesn't get you off then you can always hear other people bitch about their relationship status'.  I think most men will agree, hearing your old lady bitch about your shitty relationship is enough.  Yet the good people at Facebook give us the ability to get skull fucked by everyone else' shitty relationships too.

I find it quite humorous when an 11 year old changes their relationship status to "It's Complicated".  Fucking really?  What did he do?  Steal your God forsaken animal crackers?  To all the gentleman out there, if your girlfriend changes her relationship status to "It's Complicated" it's fair to say that she's probably fucking other people and probably all at once.