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July 07, 2008


Hello, loyal members of the Not A Banana Blog.

(yeah, that's you.  If you get this, you're in the blog.  Welcome and thank you for being a loyal member.  Note: You are a loyal member if you vaguely remember accepting our request.  Even if you don't, we still think you're a pretty cool member and know it can be difficult to remember to stuff.  Just a couple of minutes ago, I walked into the kitchen and had no idea why.  Anyway, on to more pressing issues):

We have a new video up, "Guitar Heroes" (Previously On)!  It's a recap of the first 3 episodes of "Guitar Heroes."  Don't know what "Guitar Heroes" is?  Find out here:


And stay tuned for upcoming webisodes of "Guitar Heroes" and find out what it's all about.  Plus, some upcoming music blogs from Murph over at http://www.notabanana.com.

Thanks.  And for more info on what you can do as a member of our blog, don't hesitate to write us.  Even if you just want to write how much you hate Frank.  That's cool.  We love those emails. 


Your friends at Not A Banana.