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January 03, 2009


Hemingway, that ol' whiskey slurpin' writer spent tremendous time, money and effort in pursuit of his Grander.  Now, for you uninitiated types, a "Grander" is a Black or Pacific Marlin weighing no less than half a ton...one thousand pounds.  These flesh and blood submerged hunters cruised the cold currents of the Pacific just off the coast of Peru.  Cabo Blanco was a sleepy little fishing village about 750 miles north of Lima and that's where ol Pappa used to slink off to in pursuit of his Grander.  Today, I spent a few hours working on a few rods and reels that have been hibernating for an unknown length of time in the attic.  Had you been watching, undoubtedly you would have seen traits of Al Bundy, Homer Simpson and all three stooges displayed before your eyes.  Yeah, I am THAT sort of fisherman.  Pathetic, yes?  YES!!!!  It's not that I mean to be that way.  It's more a case of me just being a Bonehead and hopelessly so.  Nonetheless, following hours of tangling in monfilament, hooks, weights, reel oils and stuff I can't name...I am now almost ready to spend the last week of this month celebrating my 50th birthday fishing in the Keys!  Be afraid you who live there.  Someone please notify the Coast Gaurd and maybe even the Cubans.  Oh forget it...the Cubans will just have to put up with me.