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August 23, 2010

It's a Small Minded World After All...

I think it's kind of cute, but Ms. Imane Boudal, the Disneyland employee who, last week, refused to wear it in place of the snazzy hijab she wore to work, thinks it's insulting and offensive to her religion.  She apparently feels that if she wants to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan by wearing her faith on her sleeve via head, then she has every right to “Ramitdown” everyone's throats.
In all fairness to her, the hat provided by her Disney employer was not the cleverly designed, snarky headdress pictured above.

It was some manly, mauve-colored mess that look
ed like a moldy prop from the 1975 production of The Apple Dumpling Gang.  An insult to her, and anyone who's a fan of the genius who gave us, Dorf.
 Still, one must question Boudal’s wardrobe choice on this particular summer day in Anaheim, CA.  As a Disneyland “cast member” for over two years, she had to know that she was in violation of their strict employee dress code.  BTW, over half my closet would be in violation of said dress code - one reason me and my Iron Maiden concert shirts choose not to work there.  Plus,  I’m skeptical of their moniker, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”  Allow pot smoking?  That’s what I thought...
So where was I?  Oh yeah, the lame, west coast version of the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate.

Listen, there is no debate here.  This story is not about intolerance or discrimination, it’s about, as I alluded to earlier: choices.  In Ms. Boudal’s case, surprisingly poor choices.  Her first was to accept a job at a place notorious for its rigid protocols, if she intended to test them; Her next one was refusing to comply with what seemed like a reasonable request to "lose the hat."
Disney even offered the Storyteller’s Cafe hostess a temporary job in the back of the restaurant, allowing her to keep her veil and her paycheck!  She refused. Poor Choice #3.  Why did she pass up such an offer? In a press conference, (PC #4, considering Ramadan is supposed to be a time of reflection, humility, and self-control,) Boudal proclaimed, “Because I am a human being and I have feelings. Don’t put me in the back!” ...
Her words struck me as eerily reminiscent of two famous lines from two completely different films.  Then all of a sudden, like some Patrick Swayze Dirty-bomb thrusting shards of Elephant Man anguish into the frontal lobes of my brain, Imane Boudal’s real issue became crystal clear:  Ramadan: A time of fasting;  Her “feelings”: ones of hunger, obviously;  “In the back” could only mean one place... the KITCHEN!!!; And being “a human being,” meant certain temptation awaited her once she was made to work closer to all that fatty food!
I may not be religious, but I do know EVIL when I spin it, and she was being lead into temptation by the same nefarious forces that must have convinced Ol' Walt to freeze his head.  My advice to Ms.
Boudal would be take the job in back, put your faith in Allah, and see what happens.  Otherwise, if you really can’t stand the heat, then, as the saying goes, "get out of the curtain!"