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August 06, 2015

Below is a transcript excerpt of the debate that took place while Fox News was still at commercial. GOP candidates debate what is the quintessential song of the summer at the first GOP Presidential Debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

GOP CANDIDATES DEBATE THE SONG OF THE SUMMER: TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT FROM THE AUGUST 6TH GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE- Below is a transcript excerpt of the debate that took place while Fox News was still at commercial.

From The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Speakers: Donald Trump, R-New York City; Former Governor Jeb Bush, R-Florida; Governor Scott Walker, R-Wisconsin; Former Governor Mike Huckabee- R- Arkansas; Ben Carson,R-Michigan; Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Senator Marco Rubio- R-Florida; Senator Rand Paul- R- Kentucky; Governor Chris Christie- R- New Jersey; Governor John Kasich- R- Ohio

Moderators: Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Baier: Governor Christie, the next question goes to you. Submitted from Facebook user Hailey Britt. Hailey asks: What do you believe, in your honest opinion, to be 2015’s definitive song of the summer?

Christie: That’s a great question Bret. It’s a topic that I constantly discuss with my family,friends and constituents. I think we need to address what distinguishes a song of the summer from the rest of the field. Is it catchy? Does it have a positive message? Every year we try to find the next Steal My Sunshine from the pop group Len or TLC’s “Waterfalls”, and every year-

(A bell dings)

Kelly: Governor Christie your time is up.

Christie: Trap Queen.

Wallace: Governor Huckabee, same question.

Huckabee: I would have to agree with Governor Christie. When you look up Trap Queen in the Urban Dictionary it describes the term as a bomb-ass female. The baddest female. She is loyal to her friends, and gives no fucks to bitter, petty bitches. The trap queen embodies our great country. We are a bomb-ass nation. We are the baddest nation. And we most certainly give no fucks to bitter petty bitches.

(The panel holds for uproarious applause from the audience)

Baier: Please-

(more applause)

Baier: Please keep the applause to a minimum.

(the applause continues)

Baier: Please.

(applause ends)

Kelly: Governor Bush, same question.

Bush: I don’t believe in the concept of summer. Americans should be working just as hard during this season as they are the rest of the year. Next question.

Kelly: Senator Rubio, based on your experience as both a Senator and State Representative,what would you consider to be the quintessential song of the summer?

Rubio: Well Megyn, this question is an interesting one because I think it’s incredibly subjective. One’s answer is going to depend on taste, gender, age and socio and economic class. Many Americans might say that T. Swift and Kendrick’s collab on Bad Blood is the best representation of a song representing the summer season, while some bad bitches might say that Nicki Minaj’s “The Night Is Still Young” is the jam that deserves the cred, while Cha Cha by D.R.A.M. also appeals to-

(a bell dings)

Kelly: Senator Rubio your time is up.

Rubio: Trap Queen.

Kelly: Mr. Trump. Same question.

Trump: I have to say that all the other candidates here tonight are weak people. They’re all very weak people. And very, very stupid. By saying Trap Queen is the song of the summer these candidates are communicating that they are going to say whatever is the popular opinion to get the nomination. And frankly, I have to say that Fetty Wap is a loser. He’s a real loser. He only has one good track and will never be able to live up to the Trap Queen success again. An artist like Rihanna or Wiz Khalifa are going to give you hit after hit-

(a bell dings)

Kelly: Mr. Trump your time is up-

Trump: No Megyn your time is up. I’ve been very nice to you and you haven’t been very nice to me, so I would suggest that you let me finish my point before I fire you from moderating this panel. I have to say, you are doing a very lousy job-

(Mr. Trump’s mic is cut off)

Wallace: I’m sorry we have run out of time for this portion of the debate and must move on but if the remaining candidates would like to shout out your choices for the song of the summer we can move on.

Walker: Trap Queen.

Carson & Cruz: Yea Trap Queen.

Paul: The Fetty Wap song about Trap Queen.

Kasich: Just happy to be here.

Wallace: We’re going to go to a quick commercial break. When we return we will be debating the current Debt Crisis in America. Live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland,Ohio.