Can’t afford a trip? Luckily Photoshop is a lot less expensive and you can even just do a trial for free. With enough imagination and very very little photoshop skill, you, too, can join Kenyan woman Sevelyn Gat on a trip around the world.


“I have left the country to china.”

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“China… Nice place indeed. 的中文翻譯 | 英漢字典.”


“Last day of visit. Bye China.”

Of course with all memes so perfect, the internet took hold and created spinoffs of their own.

And while this trip seems to be about as good as it gets, with a price you can’t beat … it gets better! A Kenyan entrepreneur, Sam Gichuru, has helped Seve apply for a passport and is funding her trip to China!


“Today I have met Sam Gichuru at Nailab to give him updates on the progress. I applied and got my birth certificate last week and now I am applying for my passport !!, I also got an internship at as a project manager !!. I promise not to let him and you guys down. Thank you all for supporting me, Looking forward to going to China. God bless you all!” (via)