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Published: September 25, 2008
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Thursday, October 16 at the Vanguard (6021 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 90028)~
Mitch Hurwitz (that’s right, the genius behind Arrested Development) will be hosting A Pretty Good Show. A night of comedy, music, and surprises sponsored by Alcohol. Yes, Alcohol; making the pain go away since the dawn of time... People time.

Created by Jim Vallely(emmy award winning writer of arretsed developement) and others.The show will have an SNL like format with sketches videos and live music by David Schwartz(composer on Arrested)there is also talk that Will Arnett may be performing as GOB with his puppet Franklin.

visit us and buy tickets at APRETTYGOODSHOW.COM

Watch the video featuring Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks, Mary Birdsong of Reno 911,Eddie Pepitone, Mark Evan Jackson,Jack plotnick and other pretty good show perfromers.

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