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Stephen Kinzer

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November 23, 2013

Special Thanks to Everybody across the United States

A special word of thanks I have to say, your thoughtful, kind gesture certainly made my day. Our days tend to be frenetic - always rushing around Yet you searched till the perfect gift you found. I appreciate, as always, you going the extra mile Unwrapping your gift, brightened my day and made me smile So in my thoughts you will continue to be, I so appreciate that you took the time to remember me. Thank you for the good times, The days you filled with pleasure. Thank you for fond memories And for feelings I'll always treasure. Thanks for being my friend Thanks for thinking about me Thanks for caring about me Thanks for everything you did for me... You shouldn't have - but I'm so glad you did! This is certainly true of Columbia Central High School It is an honor, a privilege and our collective passion to educate and raise young Ladies and Gentlemen, who will become our hope for the future, and ultimately, adults that the world can and will depend on. The collective community Columbia Central High School exposes our pupils to a sound, yet innovative and global curriculum – a curriculum that is imbued with the tone, values and ethos of our village and our community. Honor, integrity, personal endeavor and accountability, a strong and determined work ethic and the encouragement to achieve one’s personal best are all intrinsically interwoven within the core curriculum and everyday activities at Columbia Central High School Add to this our beautiful, village-like surroundings; modern state of the art facilities; supportive and committed teachers and staff, parents and pupils; and a Council exemplifying visionary leadership and progressive forward thinking ... and you have a School that strives to raise and educate balanced, motivated, successful and happy young people. Together our community is going to raise amazing children! Special Thanks in Alphabet Order: Alice Newcomb ,Becky Kelly, Cathy Hatch Catherine Wilt Candace section 8, Columbia Central High School, Donna ,Brenda My Friends from Senior Citizen, Christina Brianna Sabrina And Savanna From So As Chelsea from Stonebridge Apartment MY Friends Back At Goodwill & Facebook Mr. Tim US Bank Mr. Ology House Authority , Stephen Murray, Carrie Salas And Her Husband And Daughter Nivea Just Had A Baby Today I Missed Them Three And My Favorite Buddy Of Mine That I Graduate is Senior Class Of 2001 Where Ever you Are I Stand By Are Side, Amanda Stephens & Nivea Stephens Nivea Was Adorable Sweet Little Girl, Bios Hope Wilkinson Where Ever You Are I LOVE YOU SO MUCH as a Friends so As All The Staff And Clients as well Aniston Gracie Lancaster Autumn Lancaster And Pete Lancaster Michael & Pamela Where Ever you Are Come back To Goodwill Wednesday I like to Thank My Staff Pam ,Aretha, Tromias Lymon Latoya Taylor Tonya Copper Shelia Lopez I Love you More My Mom Sheryl Brother Preston His Birthday Is Next Week He Gonna Be 32 This Thursday My Cousin Adrian& Bria My Uncle Ronnie And Bobby Kinzer Cousin Frank MY Sister Payton Brice TY THaxton And Hallen Reese Brice Thaxton My Little Nieces And One More Thing I wanna Thank Is My Grand Uncle And MY Grand Mother And My Father And Idol is Montay & Hazel Kinzer And Ricky Brice Are Not Here this Time Their In Heaven Right Now So As My Good Partner Thomas Webster R.I.P We Miss You And MY Favorite Pop Artist And Actor is Taylor Swift And Amber Benson from Pretty Little Liars And I’m A Big Fan Of The Tennessee Titans