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April 22, 2011

my 2nd part of a continuing adventure of absurdity. Try to think about toy story but with food

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The great yellowish light filtered by a food splattered cover reflects off of the various soldiers and minions standing against the refrigerator door. The goons rise in salute for their vile and treacherous Admiral Hot Sauce, as he stirs from his slumber and is ready for action.

The Admiral swings backwards on the refrigerator door. His closest in arms, The Condiment Captains, clatter and bang against each other as the door swings open. The bottles and jars open their tiny concealed eyes and watch the massive hands of their human Master deposit new warriors for Admiral Hot Sauce's war over the domesticated appliance's dominance.......

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The Refrigerator from Ruin: Dairy Battalion @ http://look.ac/h76NA9