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September 22, 2010

This is a joke from my new set. Let me know what you think.

The most exciting news to me this year, other than Oprah is getting fat again, are the Mel Gibson rants.  That is gold.  VH1 should really think about giving him his own reality TV show.  I know the E! Channel already did a show about a drunk idiot, called “Taradise,” but I think this show would get WAY better ratings.  Hey Mel, I get it.  You want a blow job with a smile.  No man wants to be getting head, and look down and your partner is reading People magazine.  Some people have taken his side, saying that they have said some pretty rotten things to their partner while drunk.  I’m sorry, but I have never told my husband that I hope he gets raped by a pack of black guys.  I may have said that I hope he gets raped by the male cast of Cabaret, but that’s TOTALLY different.