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March 01, 2018

Sharing Smiles with Victoria Nikole Jarman

Creating positive imagery and sharing creativity to diminish the negativity in our world. If we could all laugh and smile wholeheartedly for each and every time we are sad and down. The digital and real world that we live in might be more jovial. Comedy is refreshing. Victoria Nikole Jarman is on a world wide quest to share smiles through creating positive imagery.
Let’s take a moment to recall something funny that this Meow (cat) in this article did. Well, a hamster had gone missing and a 5-year-old little girl was busy looking for the hamster. Soon, everyone was looking for the hamster and the Meow. Well, the thoughts going through the adult minds were surely that the Meow had a snack with the hamster. Lo and behold to everyone’s surprise, who was found with the hamster? The Meow. What was the Meow doing? Sleeping and cuddling the hamster. The hamster had found a new napping buddy. Now that is funny and almost unheard of. Well, that is just how amazing this Meow can be. A true blessing that was abandoned as a kitten and became a beautiful addition to a loving family that creates a safe haven for special animals.