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Published October 14, 2010
Puzzle games don't need to call for huge amounts of logic and study.
A few Puzzle Games use arcade-like action or physics to a puzzle game. This can bring some fun and reflexes to the game.

 In these action puzzle games you are required to keep up the pace of the game and they often have you aiming your way out of puzzling situations.

Often these puzzle games involve balls and gravity, A great example of this is Physballz.
This game uses the common rules of combining 3 colors together to remove them and gain points. It is a fun little puzzle that will have you addicted for hours.

A match-3-genre game was where you are required to get rid of 3 balls by swaping them around, almost all of these puzzle games have a timer that runs down as a scoreing mechanism. Some other classic action puzzle games are Tetris, KLAX and Columns. These all have falling blocks but use a variety of different rules.

A physics puzzle game is a genre of action puzzle games where when playing you must use the game's physics engine to complete each puzzle.

Physics games sometimes use realistic physics to make games more involving. Some of the more famous physics games include Crayon Physics, World of Goo, and Garry's Mod.

One online Physics game is Way of an Idea, where you take the idea of Crayon Physics and replace it with chalk. This gives you "Way of an idea".
Drawing on a chalkboard with a limited amount of chalk, you need to move the apple to Albert Einstein's face you have to watch out for the distracting objects, and tricky circumstances! It has 19 puzzling, logic, and challenging levels you will be thoroughly entertained by this addicting game!

Water Werks is another Physics puzzle game where with a hosepipe and water you are required to get the balls out of the level. It has 45 levels for you to complete. These usually need you to use your hosepipe to manipulate the terrain to keep the balls from falling off the screen. It is another fun exciting game.

I hope you have a brief idea of what an action puzzle game is now, so get out there and have fun!

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