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Published: August 08, 2008
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Just go to http://www.ustopobama.com  and this is just the beginning.  I believe that McCain is going to win in 2008 by a landslide!  Obama is nothing but a big PRESS HYPE!  He has flip flopped on just about eveyrthing he has commented on and when he speaks he has nothing of real content to say.  He's a joke.  He is plain too young, too inexperienced and should wait for another 12 years or so to run again.  Maybe then he will learn what this world is all about and what real Americans are about.  He has no clue now.  Watch this vidio on youtube or use the easy link >>>>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHEIi4XKRmM">Obama Iraq</a>

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