Sound & vibration enable human beings to relax & energize. Our ancestors chanted because the sound wave of your frequency playing to your cells improves health proven on EEG monitors. Peptides & other neurotransmitters are released. Laughter carries neurotransmitters to the system. This can influence mental processes on the brain & spine function.

Jokes are diamonds. You dig & go through tons of mud, rock & rubbish to find a diamond & your troubles are forgotten. Alas the secret to comedy. Seek what provides jokes of your liking; keep track of what happens there; even if you spend your life downloading every joke on the Net, you will not achieve 10% of your target. So share jokes so diamonds are exposed & brighten the world.

Being a fool works out the brain. Walt Disney said, "There's nothing funnier than the human animal." Show-business is cut-throat; you hear of the trouble in seizing the success flag. With abstract boundaries posthumous success may be the only way/path/avenue/answer.

Lenny Bruce said, “The only honest art form is comedy.” I have no choice but to stay fresh. Fresh like I'm from the future. This fuels my web series, I Never Repeat A Joke where I perform nearly 2 shows a month for 4 years now! Len also said, “A comedian must make the audience laugh every 15 seconds.” How does one create so much material? It gains tremendous traction only b/c no one has done it before & thus no one thinks it is possible!

When Tom Hanks won on Oscar for Forrest Gump; he said in his acceptance speech, "To re-create this scene here would take billions of dollars!" This means life is more expensive than film. Anyone using a camera (no matter what they want you to think) is trying to make money. There are 900 million users on Youtube; every second 60 hours of footage uploaded, to illustrate. We call ourselves unsung heroes yet we have voices.

I live, breathe & die for your laughter. Keeping content fresh is keeping food fresh. You must think without my content can I survive?