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April 16, 2009


...DeathScratch! Thats right. Say it out loud. Feel it. Enjoy it. Love it. Become one with DeathScratch. After countless hours of hard work and sweat stained underwear DeathScratch is born. Why? Well the word death is always associated with action and blood and anything that is anti-girly. And scratch is just another word for writing. To scratch sumthin down, your handwriting looks like chicken scratch, etc. So there you have it. If you dont like it, then you can suck it (Im bringing that back). My first thought was to go with DeathLog, but that just reminds me of a really bad poop. Here is a true example of a DeathLog: We have all had the experience of waking up at 3am with a bladder full of pee and running to the bathroom so we can get back to sleep. Well whats a million times worse? Waking up at 3am and having to poop. About 2 months ago I experienced this. Not cool. Its bad enough to have to get up to pee when your dead tired and all you want to do is sleep, but pooping is an entire different level of annoyance. There is pushing involved, sitting, and worst of all wiping. Wiping at 3 in the morning while half asleep on a cold, lifeless toilet is just too much for me. DeathLog at its finest. Now you can see why I went with DeathScratch. I suppose I should have warned the two of you that may be reading my DeathScratch(You know who you are, and thankyou) that there would be toilet humor, but I didnt feel compelled. Why? Because I dislike anyone that acts like they are too good for toilet humor. You know the people. They are offended by the kind act of a foul scenting fresh one or the story of a clogged toilet with no plunger. Who do these people think they are? Like they have never secretly squeezed one out at a dinner party or missed a spot while wiping only to be known as "Sticky Buns" for years to come. Thankyou for your time, I sincerely appreciate anyone that takes a minute or two out of their day to read this. Until next time.