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November 14, 2008


Have the CEO's of AIG and some other large corporations been spending incredible amount's of money on get-aways despite the massive failure's of their respective companies? Ofcourse. They are fucking CEO's. If I was a CEO I would probably be more like this guy:
"The chairman of a Nigerian development company was charged in August with stealing what is now the equivalent of $5.5 million, and burning $2 million of that in cash so he could smear the ashes over his naked body in a nighttime "fortification" ritual in a cemetery. [Daily Telegraph (London), 8-22-08]"
So the next time you scream "MOTHERFUCKERS!" after reading about a group of corporate execs traveling to some exotic destination while you plan your future as a Wal-Mart greeter because your 401k is down to about 1k just remember that it could be worse. But not much worse.