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November 30, 2013

Jokes on the weirdest news of the week.

When You're 2500 Years Old What's Another 100 Years?

The recent discovery of the oldest Buddhist shrine in the world suggests that Buddha may actually be 100 years older than previously believed. Buddha's like: "How about finding a shrine where I don't have Man-Boobs, bitches!?"


The First Rule of Fighter Jets Is ...

South Korean military officials have announced that they are buying 40 stealth fighter jets. Then they announced they really have no idea what "stealth" means.



As part of a fundraiser, an Indiana police chief has volunteered to be Tasered. The chief will be steadied by two of his officers so he doesn't fall, and so he doesn't drop his doughnut.


When Photocopying Your Bum Is the Least of Your Worries

In a new poll, 51% of women admitted to forgetting to take their birth control pill during the festive Christmas season because they were too drunk. Shipping Info: "Your Package Should Arrive in Approximately 9 Months."


I'll Drink to That

A new study has found that the divorce rate for couples where both spouses drink heavily is lower than for couples where only one spouse drinks heavily. That's because the couples who drink heavily together are constantly shouting how much they love each other.