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March 27, 2013

A goodbye to Merle


Ladies and gentlemen we are gather here today to say goodbye to a great.......good.......a pretty ok man. Mr. Merle Dixon. Now Merle was a racist but not a really bad racist. I mean he never said the N-word once. For real! Check the tape. He did call the late T-Dog a spear chucker. Which is pretty bad but not as bad as that word that starts with a N. He also said something about coons but he was really talking about racoons. Do I question his choice of words. Merle is a great way to show that even in the zombie apocalypse people can get better and not worst. Merle started off a out of control white power junkie and ended a kind of in control white power supporter one handed crystal meth user. He did kill that little bitch that The Governor had on his "army" so if that doesn't get him into heaven I don't know what will.
 Merle's plan was odd. I guess he wanted to die. My biggest question about the whole thing is where did he get that Motorhead cd from?
 Only if Merle had that knife hand thing in the movie Cliffhanger he would had been right up there with Sly of the best hangers of cliffs ever.

 Mr.Dixon leaves behind his brother Daryl who took out all of that little brother jealousy on Merle's face. I guess no open coffin funeral. We also found out that their dad use to beat them pretty bad when they were kids. So if you mad at Merle for almost killing Glenn just remember the old saying that 2 wrongs do make one right.
 Merle was not only a redneck biker. He was a doctor. I mean he had to be to cut off his own hand with a saw and not die which lead to him being the new Captain Hook. Not to mention he was a world champion in that ring of zombie fights. So yea look at that a biker,doctor,pirate and a pro wrestler!?!?!?!?!? Merle Dixon may be the greatest man who ever lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Are we as sad as we were when T-Dog was killed? No not at all. But I would put Merle's death above Axel's and that fucking slut that Rick and Shane use to d.p all the time I want to say her name was whore or something. Merle getting killed may not have been the saddest of all-time (that belongs to Oscar) but hopefully it will help Daryl stop acting like a pussy.
 So rest in peace Merle you will live on in our meroriers and the new hit Walking Dead:Survival Instinct video game! For now on everytime I watch The Bone Collector or Mallrats I will be fighting back the tears.

Merle Dixon
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