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March 17, 2015

Vocabularies need to increase. Here's some made up words to help you.


Hey everyone,

So there are a lot of articles in the internet about cool vocab words that you should use, like “perambulate,” or “peloothered.” Since I’m peloothered right now, I’m gonna tell you 10 words to start using in everyday language ASAP (as soon as probable).


Blusterfoosh - Noun) Scottish slang for “sneeze.“
Aye, I hear a blusterfoosh is, like, one-eighth an orgasm.

Boothpup - a kid raised on the idea that John Wilkes Booth was a hero. noun. Eng. Nown.
Johnny, I don’t like seeing you play on the playground with all those fuckingBoothpups.

Moontit - (nuno) when a male or female’s nipple can only be seen by moonlight.
Even through the dense fog, Mary knew amoontit when she saw one.

Noost - where nooses are born and raised, usually located atop the high branches of rope trees. noun. (n)
The curious baby squirrels headed into the noost, never to come out.

Peart - armed and ready to throw a pear. NOUN
Apeart Michael waited for Sasha to storm into range.

Polaska - Alasken Polaraid Camera, noun.
Actually, I bought my Polaska in Anchorage, asshole.

Stinknest - a big ol’ sweaty, unbathed hornet’s nest.
It took two exterminators and five aersol cans of Brut to erase all signs of thestinknest in Uncle Sarandon’s rice factory. Noun.

Stissup - Male stirrup. NOUN.
The stissup fit Mark’s hips more than anything.

Towool - (nn.) towel made of pure fucking wool.
Holy shit, the tag on this towool says it’s 100% wool.

Watercupping - the act of pursing your lips to suck up water from a goddam water fountain. Gerund.
I wanted Billy to tell me who killed the cripple’s goat right then and there, but, alas, he was caught the midst of watercupping the fountain.