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July 06, 2009



I am one of the million or so that have one or two humor blogs floating around in cyberspace these days.  
On one of my 24 hour internet playdates with my brain I ran across an ad for Free Herpes Dating and decided to do a spoof on how happy people with herpes and other STDS are looking these days; especially in the ads for the STD dating sites.  

Now it seems that having herpes is something to write home about !! 

In short, it was not a politically correct blog post at all, but it got some laughs.  The pictures were a nice touch, I thought.

Yesterday, I was on a google search for my name and website, as I am self-absorbed without the money to back it up. Anyway, I saw my herpes post listed under an article title that wasn't mine!

When I went to the site I found I recognized the name of the company as a Colloidal cream advertiser who had gotten into and spammed my blog post on herpes dating.  It turns out that they linked my herpes post AND my full website name in "Other Related Blogs" at the end of their ad - had listed my spoof article under a list of  serious ones on the treatment and relief of herpes.

So I did what any person with a penchant to add fuel to the fire would do, and played it up with a new post in honor of the spammer who had unintentionally classed me in with clinicians and other medical staff in the treatment of this nasty STD. 

I thought they wouldn't mind if I went a bit further and made myself a doctor - based on their recommendations of my investigative research, of course.