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December 22, 2011

My favorite increasingly nerdy puns mashing up the sitcom world with the comic book one!





Nerds rejoiced in glee at the #PunFun theme that was "Sitcom-ics" because it allowed them to mash up everything they've ever done for the past fifty years and sum up their lives in 140 characters or less! 

After the slight misstep that was a Shakespeare-themed #PunFun , I was reminded people do in fact read, so long as there's pictures in the book. I digress, I kid! You did great, nerds! 

My 10 favorite "Sitcom-ics" - as always, I recommend you follow these funny tweeps, I linked you to their handle. 


10. "How I Met  Your Mutant"   -    Chris Spencer

(Just because that would HAVE to have an amazing twist ending to make it all worth while

9. "Shit My Bat Says"    -   Alex Mann

(There's no way this will ever make it to TV unless it stars a big star like William Batner!)

8. "The Big Bane Theory" - Joel Austin

7. " 3rd Spock from the Sun" - Garrett Johnson 

(See, even though "Star Trek" is a huge franchise, the comic books wouldn't have immediately come to mind for me. But I liked this, it was truly thinking outside the Spocks. And it was nerdy enough to get simultaneously retweeted by a Twitter-bot that retweets things with Star Trek keywords, so there you go)

6. "Hulk sM*A*S*H" - Ian Campbell

5. "Professor X and the City" - Tiffany Gerstler

4. "Rachel Greene Lantern" - Matt Bogdanow

(Got this one from a few people, actually, Matt just submitted it first. Sorry!) 

3. "The New Avengers of Old Christine" - Laureen Ferrington

(It's funny because Clark Gregg was on that show) 

2. and 1. "Thored to Death" and "Curb your Enthorsiasm"  - Diana Bailey 

and Chad Austin , respectively. 

( I was trying to think of a "Thor" pun - all I came up with was "Who Wants to be a Mjolnir". Kudos!) 


As usual, thanks for playing, play again, and get as many people on board as you can. 

The next theme for #PunFun is "Bird Stores". As in, "Victoria's Egret". 

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