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August 30, 2008


I'm feeling squishy tonight...gooey insides, because of so many of you beautiful people and a few of you that have entered my soul - sorry for the pile of laundry in there, I'm getting to it, honest...and also squishy because of the marshamallow in my hair.  It must be washed out soon I suppose.  So, here is some late-night inspirage...from my soul...to yours :-)

"Clocks slay time...Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels...Only when the clock stops, does time come to life" - William Faulkner, my old buddy and pal from college (he was a bitch of a snorer though, truly)

Oh and also the haunting voice of Mr. Mick Jag and the gang -

'Time is on my side...yes, it is...

Time is on my side...yes it is...

You're searchin for good times...but just wait and see...

You'll come runnin back...you'll come runnin back...

You'll come running back...to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!'

- MPG, the one who smiles at you from the back of the crowd