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February 09, 2017

Tired of hearing about it . . .

I’m really tired of people telling me to get my shit together, in fact, I tired of listening to people tell me that they are getting their shit together. First off, you can do whatever you want with your own shit; I really don’t care how, or when, you are getting your shit together. Perhaps if you ate better, your shit wouldn’t be all over the place.

I put my shit in one place, the toilet. Obviously when someone is talking about your, or my shit, it is not a positive thing. I choose to dump my shit and move on. I mean why would you want to organize your shit? I don’t know why you would even need to get your shit together, as is should come out in one place. Of course, you could walk and shit, leaving little piles around, but in that case, you need todo more than get your shit together, you need to see a doctor.

I worry when I hear someone say they have a ton of shit todo; burrito’s revenge? How could a normal human being let a ton of shit pileup? I suppose if you wait to get your shit together, you could end of with a ton of shit, but the only way that could happen is if you are single. Believe me, my wife doesn’t let shit pile up, of any type.

If you do organize your shit, do you separate it? Diarrhea in one pile, well maybe not a pile, a bucket, corn particle crap in the garden, floaters and sinkers by the pool, or perhaps, fishing gear; maybe you organize by color, dark browns, light browns, black, green, perhaps the occasional blue after having the blueberry Icee.

Regardless, getting your shit together is a messy business, and should really be done on your own, with little sharing of information. We live in a complicated world, and we make it more so by wasting time organizing and getting things together of relatively little value. Shit, for example. So the next time you set out to organize your shit, take a step back, breath, and try to find a better way of getting your life together; maybe some family time, a walk in the park, or rescue a dog, there are so many ways to have a positive impact in the world, find one.

And for God’s sake don’t tell me you’re doing for shits and grins.