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October 22, 2015

A captivating story of a man who battled childhood stardom to rise to international fame and how his trials and tribulations relate to the daily struggles of African-Americans trying to achieve personal prosperity in a country that insists at keeping them at a socio-economic disadvantage.

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Drake attempts to dismiss any preconceived stereotype of his upbringing in his hit song “Started from the Bottom,” an inspirational tale of a childhood actor’s unlikely rise to hip-hop stardom. Aubrey brings some long lost gangsta street cred North of the boarder to the hard-hitting streets of suburban Toronto. But this anthem of an underdog’s miraculous success story doesn’t solely apply to the former Degrassi star, it relates to the struggles of all underprivileged African-Americans bogged down by socio-economic disadvantages. “Started from the bottom, now we here,” succinctly captures the added effort necessary for the ‘have nots’ to persevere through social stratification in order to prosper and ensure the American Dream is indeed a reality, and not a figment of their imagination. “We just want the credit where it’s due.” Drizzy pleas for Americans to acknowledge white privilege, which FOX News and conservative America continues to muddle in an attempt to distract the blissfully ignorant from understanding the realities of wealth inequality. “Boys tell stories about the man.” Drake scoffs at those who posit Affirmative Action is prejudiced against white Americans and is a major contributor to the successes of minorities. The 6God should indeed be worshipped for using his music and celebrity status to satirize the disparities of opportunity in America and the hurdles that minorities have to overcome in order to achieve their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”