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July 25, 2014

Famed Dr. Ryan Wimberly provides a short account of his experience with the ebola crisis in west Africa.

A First-hand Account of the Ebola Threat in West Africa

“I think this is an issue.”

— Dr. Ryan Wimberly

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked and lived in Africa, with but one goal: to help the impoverished citizens reach a new height, in both economic and physical stature. As one may imagine, when the ebola crisis developed several weeks ago, I quickly headed to the infected areas, to do what I could.

Not long after arrival, I located an Ebola hotspot. After entering a designated treatment facility for the virus, I was promptly told by several doctors to “Please leave,” and further informed that they “Weren’t asking."Being the charitable and understanding man I am, I simply couldn’t take this answer. The next day I returned to the facility, displaying that indeed, I too was a doctor. To this action I was rather bluntly informed that the "Ebola prevention and treatment cause does not require doctors of paleontology.”

As I left, I thought of the poor patients who wouldn’t be treated due to the refusal of services occurring. Yet even in my melancholy state, I had a realization that I could still help. For the benefit of the Ebola treatment cause, I’ve donated the following to the World Health Organization.

The Ebola Crisis: A Poem

As people languish in sick beds
I try so hard to lift my head
Amid the struggle and the pain
I attempt to look the other way

Ebola takes the ones we know
With high fevers and sore elbows
Few survive, fewer thrive
But at least they aren’t dead yet.

-Dr. Ryan Wimblery,