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February 02, 2012

Think you know cutting edge musical genres? You don't.



Here are today’s listings. Please bear in mind that in order to qualify as true Post Nu Nu Seethe Pop the bands in question would have to cease to exist before their own ironic remix of a re-released cover of their first recording has been uploaded onto their websites. These means that obviously all of these bands are now defunct. However you might still be able to catch them at a bar in Islington.

Residual Holocaust – Bass player Drake Blitzxer’s electrifying set consisted of only one note and a beautiful Asian girl zipping and unzipping her American Apparel hoodie.

Jon Jon Jupitron – Origami or Orgies? Origami or Orgies? Origami  or Orgies? Origami  or Orgies?  sang Space Diva over the sound of a mountain stream.

People I’ve Eaten – Ludwig Avelhorst used his time as an Opera singer as inspiration for their track Pavarotti Ate People Too.

Pig Bunions  – with nearly invisible guitarist Po Bales blowing his melodica and with pretensions towards folk amphetamines styles, Pig Bunions’ set consisted of hurling buttons into the audience and eating bacon sarnies.

Next week: Underground Grog Filter Beats