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October 04, 2008


I as "King of all Trash" hath prayed through the speaking box.It took my voice to the Gods and the ravenious one eyed metal cyclops were defeated.They were banished to the mysterious and elusive land of Debris from which no rubbish or pizza crust ever everĀ  returns.Yet alas,another monsterious and ravinious green cyclopes appears as quickly as the first is pryed from its suckel port.The hole in the stone wall that defines my kingdoms boundries.I battle with the demons every day.For I hath been given tools to battle the bastards.With my tuggers,lifters,gondolas and Georgia buggys and giant steel ramming block I shall never be defeated.Four cyclops to the East and 3 to the West.I,as Sir Trashalot shall keep them at bay forever or untill they return no more.You as my subjects and friends deserve no less.And it shall be so.Rejoyce!

Sir Trashalot

P.S.please forgive the spelling