Yesterday Hillary Clinton endured 11 hours of aggressive questioning from House Republicans as a part of the eighth Benghazi hearing. Some criticized the hearing for being politically motivated, a GOP strategy to hurt Clinton’s presidential campaign, rather than an honest investigation into what went wrong. See below for a collection of quotes recapping the hearing, along with a translation of what was really being said.

Use your cursor to pull the slider tool on top of each image back and forth to show the real quote and the translation.

Republican Rep. Peter Roskam as he repeatedly halted his questioning of Clinton when she consulted her notes:

To which Clinton replied:

On if this hearing was motivated by a political agenda against Hillary Clinton:

On the source of the implication that the attacks were due to an anti-Muslim video:

Hillary Clinton on the seriousness of the issue:

On the Republican “witch hunt” of Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton on the Republican line of questioning:

On the Republican political agenda with the Benghazi investigation:

Clinton on an email suggesting she might not have known about U.S. presence:

On Clinton’s strategy in the region:

Clinton explaining her actions: