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March 27, 2010


It would seem that much like getting to know a person is like peeling an onion, getting to know F is like peeling a Cheese String.  Like the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster and Elvis before her, F sightings  in the lunchroom, eating the food and drinking the  drinks of others are now a thing of legend.
Turns out it's even grosser than the used MacDonalds drink and putting her hands directly into the nacho chip bag...there is also the  "Fanta Incident".   
It was one of those random days where they order food for us, which is nice, and it would seem F was one of the last ones to wander in and claim her "appreciation".  There a only one can of Coke left, which another co-worker readily offered her, and there was also someone's leftover Fanta....yip!
F declares "I don't want Coke, I want Fanta." She picks up the Fanta and guzzles what's left.
Collective EEEEEEEEW!
So, our little vigilante group had a meeting yesterday and came up with all kinds of things we could "cook" up and set up as a "trap" in the lunchroom.  Exlax cookies, potato salad that's been left out for a couple of days...I was even trying to figure out something that could colour her tongue!
Then, it occurred to me.  Simple is best.
I say, cigarette butts in an opened can of Fanta left on the table.
Easy-peasie :)