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September 13, 2010

First ever blog. First on wordpress and now here. Just the ramblings of an everyday pissed off happy dude.

So this is my very first blog….so now what?  What do I say?  Am I to complain about something or someone?  I think reading other peoples blogs is cheating…from the buzz I hear ‘its the rage’ now.  Basically an opened diary to the world….”PLEASE LISTEN!!!”  ok, so here it goes….pajamaMOUTH’s on the prowl…….

I told you Justin Bieber looks like this chick

So I was watching the VMAs last night and I just can’t stop thinking about Lady GaGa and how much I REALLY really like her!  She seems genuinely happy with winning and happy with her fans….she really REALLY loves her fans as well!  After watching her on Ellen this morning, that like is turing to love…she has a good heart and seems to use it all in the right places.

Her ‘meat outfit’ was not appetizing and made me think she smells like slowly rotting flesh…’gulp’….especially that silly “steak-tupay”!  Just silly I tell you!

But first I must speak about the VMAs, i get side tracked a LOT!  I thought usher was amazing and the Florence chick was pretty good as well but it just seemed to gospel-like and soft…maybe it was just my mood…either way my mood was sapped up by Swifts’ performance, lol, but then I couldn’t wait until Kanyes’ interprutation of that situation.  I ended up watching  Jersey Shore on DVR from earlier in the night. 

J-wowws’ got a face only a mother or Russian Olympic judge could love…I’m so tired of strutting her fake boopies about…we get it, they’re nice…you’re not and that kinda ruins the rest of the package.  Don’t get me started on Angelina…it looks like when she was a baby someone plugged her nose and blew in her mouth…the size of her eyes are freakish and not in a Uma Thurman way…and I think she may just be retarded. 

So this being my very first blog, I hope you can forgive me for my complete amateur way of doing things…dont worry i’ll get it together soon enough!  As you can tell I haven’t written much about the VMAs…along with Chelseas’ biting wit and Chueys’ waddle i just couldnt take anymore so I really didnt see much of the show….but I DID see the performance by the losing lesbian contestant from Tila Tequilas’ second season of seaching for the perfect herpe…you remember that show?  The one where she chose the guy over the girlguy with the huge beltbuckles?!?!  That chick looked JUST LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! 

I promise I will not be spouting off negative rants…but I can tell you that I have no idea what I will be talking about….all I can say is that humor will MOST definitely be involved.  My passion is to make people laugh and think and be happy.  It may sound cliche but being happy is at the core of living a truly fulfilling life.

Thanks and let me know how i did, please!  I’ll YAP again soon!