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October 04, 2008


Was anybody else disappointed that Palin didn't fuck up in an epic Tina Fey-esque fashion? I mean, I guess when she decided not to answer the moderator's questions and just answer whatever random subject floated in her mind at that moment, but still, she was (mostly) coherent.

There is this one woman I work with who I am pretty sure is a ninja. Which is impressive, since I'm guessing she is more than 300 lbs. She disappears without a trace for minutes on end and comes back without any warning or clue where she went to. I have to learn what her secret is. Could she be...Batman?

I'm trying to ween myself off of Pepsi. I don't even like Pepsi, but every five caps I enter I get free MP3s. Well, I only got a couple of downloads, because but I can't think of anymore I wanted to get, other than a couple more (I'm thinking of getting Sonic Youth's somber "The Diamond Sea" or Greenskeepers' "Lotion", an odd ode to Silence of the Lambs.) 

If I had a pet, I'd try to teach it how to use the nunchuks. I have nunchuks, really. My ceiling fan's all fucked up.  

Has anyone noticed how political Funny or Die has gotten? We've gotten awfully cozy with the Huffington Post lately. I'm certainly glad that there are so many that agree with me that Obama should be president, and I am planning on voting Nov. 4 (Whoo, Obama '08), but the whole political thing stresses me the fuck out. I'm so happy that football is here. (Michigan State is kicking some serious ass this year, which is great!)
My picks:
Redskins over Eagles
Panthers over Chiefs
Da Bears over Lions
Falcons over Packers
Ravens over Titans
Chargers over Dolphins
Colts over Texans Giants over Seahawks
Bucs over Broncos
Bills over Cards (C'mon Buffalo, you can get that 5-0 start)
Cowboys over Bengals
49ers over Patriots (Hey, if Miami can do it, right?)
Jaguars over Steelers
Vikings over Saints