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August 01, 2011

These days, texting (or bbming) has become one of the most popular ways of communicating. People text about anything from dinner plans to thanks for last night making verbal communication a thing of the past (for better or worse...I pick worse). However, there are still some things that just should not be said via text.

  1. "I'm pregnant" - seriously. SERIOUSLY. this type of information changes lives! do your boo/bf/husband/ex/whoops a favor and at least pick up the phone for this one. SERIOUSLY!
  2. "Do you want to be my gf/bf" - come on now. if you really think that the best way to get someone to go out with you is via text then maybe you should give up. not only is it lame, its impersonal and a tad cowardly if you ask me. do it in person!
  3. "You're fired" - broken phone anyone? i don't know about you but if i ever received this message via text my phone would probably find itself in pieces. have some decency and do it like trump.
  4. "I want a divorce" - one word. grimy. and plus what would we have to talk about if Elin would have just sent Tiger a dry text when she found out he was "putting it in the hole" off the course instead of chasing him out of the house with a golf club.
  5. "Marry Me" - simply put. no. are you going to send a picture of a ring with that?
  6. "Wanna bone?" - i know there is a such thing as "sexting" but come on. reading it and hearing it are two  different things. at LEAST call the person. and calm down.
  7. "I have 'insert STD' " - two things are wrong with this message. one: you have an STD. two: whoever you are with probably has one too. said individual will probably want to end you already let alone if you alert them via text. yikes. 
  8. "Jimmy died" - whether jimmy was your friend, family member, or pet this type of information shouldn't be transferred with a text message. have some decency. 
  9. "Lets commit a felony" - if you are stupid enough to put information about criminal activity in a text then you deserve to get caught. you think ken lay (enron) was sending messages about all of that swindling. nope.
  10. "I can't believe how fast this car is" - speeding is dangerous. texting while driving is also dangerous. therefore texting while speeding is dangerous..er. wait until you get to where you are going and tell whoever it is yourself.