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May 26, 2016

The Liberty Candle - Kim Jong-un. Burn the leader, free the people

What’s this all about?

The Liberty candle will allow you to join us in protest against the abhorrent North Korean regime whilst simultaneously reaching out to its victims.

Not only is this a bold political statement but we are going to use the proceeds of this project to provide practical support to North Korean refugees.


We want to fight for a world where every individual has their basic human rights met. Where everyone has the chance to make choices that inform the direction of their own life and, crucially, the opportunity to keep themselves and their family safe from harm.

We may not be able to bring down the North Korean regime with this project but we can raise awareness about the brutal nature of life in North Korea and at the same time provide support to the refugees who have managed to escape.


We believe that burning an effigy such as this symbolizes the ultimate act of defiance against the regime it represents.

From a symbolic point of view, setting fire to effigies has long been a way of demonstrating one’s disdain for the individual or the cause which that individual represents.


By burning this representation of Kim-Jong-un we invite you to join us in mass protest again his regime.

We have a kickstarter campaign launching on May 23rd. We hope to bring this creation into the world and for the masses to take a stand against his evil dictatorship and help those that need it the most.

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