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freud - what with all the cocaine and inbreding!

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July 17, 2011

rage and sometimes a rare moment of clarity, but usually just rage. you'll see.

Spiralling Down

D. A.  Ash
1563 River Road
Sand Point, ON
K0A 1G0

Spiralling Down

Opening scene: 

A man is standing facing a stereo in a big city apartment. R.E.M’s cover of “Pale Blue Eye’s” plays in the background. The camera comes in slowly to his right forehead at the close of the 2nd chorus and then fades to white light. The sparseness of the furniture bespeaks of someone else so the man, almost absentmindedly says, “Jodie?”

Opening Credits

Act 1:

Scene 1:   Same room, same guy. There’s a distinct knock on the door. Fade to black.
Scene 2:   Fade In. (Soundtrack: R.E.M : Crazy) He stands in front of the door listening to the knocks. Fade to black.

Scene 3:   “If you’re going to sell pot you should answer your door, asshole!” and then an undetermined bang. He lights a roach and waits for the day.

Scene 3a:   Room with a window and a bright sun shining through a ratty curtain. The supposed man lays prone on a couch next to a 1970’s coffee table festooned with empty beer bottles. (The Pixies “Where is my mind” plays on) At the very end of the song the man jolts upright and grabs his cell phone.

“ U PHN ME “ ~ send

His phone rings instantly.

Scene 4:   A knock on the door.

Scene 5:   He stands at the intersection of King and River with a girl who should be a model, but is either to stupid to realize he’s poison or is freaky enough to hang in for random unfulfilled sex acts. They cross on the green light and go into the Zeus Deli on King Street.

Scene 6:   As he is about to sit he realizes that he has been writing poetry for 30 years, yet has only known this girl 5 years. He lights a smoke and looks out at King Street as the waitress delivers the beer. He sips as they chat and he watches as the afternoon sun caresses her face full on. It is at this time, he thinks, every fuckin’ Tuesday, that I should just say, “Hey – where is my mind?”

Scene 7:   Nothing happens. Her boyfriend comes by in his parents’ car and picks her up everytime.

The End (Soundtrack: R.E.M - "Burning Hell")


Act 2: 

Scene 1:   Two people stoned and staring at a window.
The sun is bright but the curtains are closed as the
two sit and stare at the glow of the morning sun
on the curtains.

He:   "And..."

She:   "What, and..."

He:  "Well, the and is Andy...are you..."

She:  "He says yes, his Mom says No!

He:  "Sorry, what did you say...", he takes a long draw
off the blunt as 'Mazzy Star' sings 'Wasted All Day Long"
and passes her the joint of high grade weed.

She:  "I like it here. It is kind of like the end of things.
It's not a bad thing, with you, it's just that, well, you
know, this is the end."

He:   Starts to laugh and takes a hearty draught off his half
pint of warm beer. "You know," he snidely chortles, "had I
known that chosing a certain lifestyle was considered suicide
I'd've chosen someting more glamorous!  Love, however, I was taught, had
no bounds."

He made what he felt was a grand enough prouncement to allow
the street car go about it's business that Sunday afternoon at the intersection of
King and River. Both stare at the curtains, laughing.