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November 17, 2015

Get out your pitchforks, earth people. Get ready to be fuming.

Spoiler Alert!: Rant ahead! Proceed with caution.

Did you know that astronauts can see the Great Wall of China all the way in outer space? I didn’t know until the other day when my friend, Keith, told me. (Please note: everything Keith says should be taken with a grain of salt. You’ll see why later) Instantly I thought “if the Great Wall of China is so big that astronauts can see it in space, then certainly I could also see it from the backyard I never visit here on Earth.” Well, news flash! I quite tragically discovered that I could not see the Great Wall from here on earth. I even called up Keith to check his yard. He said, “of course you can’t see it.” However, unlike Keith, I don’t give up that easy. I searched in circles for it. Strained my eyes while staring at the horizon and still no damn wall.

“What is all this nonsense?” I pondered. How can our basic Earth-dwelling right to be able to see other things that are on Earth remain ignored? Why has NASA taken this right away, have us believe it is normal and only allow their space-nerd team all the way out in space see Earth’s Golden Great Wall of China? If you’re not outraged by now, you should be. I even called up the local governor’s office, and they have no plans to change this. It’s not like there is another Earth with a Great Wall of China like our own that we can look at through a telescope. It’s honestly disgusting what NASA and probably the rest of the Government has done. As a citizen of Earth I believe we should be able to see the Great Wall of China at any given moment no matter where we are. I have sent NASA some plans and ideas. If I disappear, you’ll know why. I’m sharing a truth that’s hard to swallow, and they don’t want you knowing it.

Keep your eyes on my page for a follow-up post (that is if they don’t get to me by then.) It details how people have pictures of or on the Great Wall of China even though no one has seen it. Did they get Kubrick to do those too?

Until next time,