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January 11, 2017

Beauty and the Beast's Bell isn't the only Disney Princess with a Biebs thing going on.

The internet went crazy over a Beauty and the Beast Belle doll that looks just like Justin Bieber. If you think about it, Biebs is a lot like a Disney princess: He’s extremely pretty, he has a pet monkey, and he was rescued from danger (i.e. YouTube cover singing) by a charming prince named Usher. See below for a few illustrations of this obvious connection.

Fa Mulan


Mulan famously dressed as a man, and Bieber famously showed his man-parts on a balcony. We combine the best of both worlds in Mulan Bieber, who has an accidental peen-slip while fighting off the Huns.



Cinderella has a history of cleaning her stepsisters’ floors using buckets full of soapy water, and Bieber has a history of pissing into buckets. Here is Bieberella unapologetically peeing into his evil relative’s bucket.

Sleeping Beauty


Just like Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, Justin often wakes up with no idea where he is or what is going on. In this image, Sleeping Justin finally wakes after years of slumber…in a deposition room with a mean and confusing man asking him questions?? “How the hell am I supposed to know if I’ve been to Australia? These questions make no sense. I’ve been asleep for 100 years.”



Ariel and Bieber both love to sing, but sometimes Justin gets a little upset when his fans sing along. Pictured here is Ariel Bieber chewing out Sebastian for singing her part of “Under The Sea.”



Jasmine has a special bond with Aladdin’s monkey, Abu, and Justin is no stranger to monkey-human love. Unfortunately, sometimes the thing we love most (a monkey that we are ill-equipped to take care of) gets confiscated because it is endangered in Germany. Here, Jasmine Bieber cries as her beloved money is taken from her.



Justin loves to appropriate black culture, so here he is doing that as the black princess.