If SNL had a cool segment involving Mother’s Day that aired before Mother’s Day but now it’s after Mother’s Day and moms are no longer #trending on social media, will that clip still get traction when shared online? That and several less cynical questions are answered in the highlights below from this week’s SNL hosted by Reese Witherspoon. Enjoy!

The “Southern Republican Leadership Conference” cold open gave us a look at lots of new and returning politician impressions. SNL is famous for its castmembers’ impressions of politicians dancing at the club, and this sketch is no exception. Revisit this well-traversed pocket of SNL history with a DVD copy of Saturday Night Live: Best of Impressions of Politicians Dancing at Da Club, probably, or just watch this sketch below. In it, Kate McKinnon plays Carly Fiorina, which is the perfect set-up for a future wacky sketch where McKinnon plays Fiorina opposite herself playing Hillary Clinton. Think about it!

For her monologue, Reese Witherspoon brought out all the cast members and their mothers for a Very Cute Segment (V.C.S. for short). Then she turned it over to some home movie clips of the cast members that their mothers had brought to show for Another V.C.S. (A.V.C.S. for short)! The whole thing’s about eight minutes but I would have watched at least eight more minutes of this, which would have been 16 minutes total, a little long for a monologue, don’t you think?

I know what you’re thinking—"Another game show sketch??“ Well, let me tell you this one’s not your grandma’s game show sketch. Although your grandma’s was good, too; I’m not bashing it! Your grandma has a real knack for writing comedy.

The return of the “High School Theater Show” sketch, which first aired when Cameron Diaz hosted in the fall, shows that these spunky theater kids still have a lot to say about the state of the world today. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this sketch will never ever, ever grow old because teens will always have something big to say about how we are living as a society and it will always be this great to watch in a sketch. Do you guys think this is the most important sketch in SNL’s time on the air or the most important sketch in SNL’s time on the air times infinity? Sound off in the comments!

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