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January 20, 2012

Chris Durant, staff

Chris Durant, staff

With the budding medical marijuana industry comes the budding make money off anyone who even looks at weed industry. Smoking pot is so old fashioned. You can now eat it, drink it and well....

Up the Bud
The leading name in marijuana suppositories made with organic coconut oil and pure OG Kush. They recommend that you recline on your belly as your support does it thing for full effect. If it worked, you probably won’t be able to get up.

Stress, aching muscles, and joint strains melt away when Benganj is applied topically. Benganj doesn’t just relieve strain in your joints, but also the pain you feel when you can’t find the strain for your joint.

When you really just want to get as high as humanly fucking possible, these are the eye drops for you. Our competitors say their product takes the red out. We are glad to say ours puts the red in.

America’s # 1 shake snuff.

Stems and Seeds
An exfoliating scrub that gets the corporate stink off you fast. More coarse than anything else on the market. Side effects may include bleeding and severe itching.