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December 31, 2009


Oh shit, Rotwang made a weblog

"Again you have forced me to unleash my dogs of war."

Today's episode:


A great thing about funnyordie.com is that you can see the entire history of what a user has said. Like for example, THE FUCKING MOUNTAINS OF GREASY COMMENT SPAM THAT THE FOLLOWING USERS HAVE SPEWED OUT AT OUR FACES.

What funnyordie comments have become.

How many times have you checked your email and said "Oh I wish I knew who these bastards are that keep pumping out all this spam." Well, amazingly, FOD comment spammers aren't anonymous about it at all! They're even using their real names to help their careers. Their faces are right there in the videos they're spamming. Yea that's really gonna work, because one thing people absolutely love are spammers.

What I'm talking about here is *comment* spam, not FOD email spam. In other words, when someone shamelessly posts a comment under a video that's just a URL to their video. (How is that a "comment"?)

I encourage you to do as I do- when someone spams a link to their video, click the link, then click Die without even watching the video. Sometimes I also post (spam) a link into their comments to ClayJunky's weblog post about "IFM" (Inappropriate FOD Marketing).

Here's a sampling I came up with in 20 minutes, thanks to the FireShot firefox Add-On which I already had installed anyway for work stuff. This is in no particular order, and there are plenty more FOD spammers than these. Don't forget to notice the number of pages...