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November 13, 2009


Okay...so this morning I shared...a little too much...sort of added a little thirteenth step to the program there...BUT, I should explain. It was the comment that made me laugh. It all started on Tuesday when my daughter came home from school and announced that there would be a sleepover at my house last night (Thursday, so 2 days notice). I was like, "what?". So, she takes this note from her bag and gives it to me and it's a note her little friend has made for me that reads like this "To:Paige From:Marie For my B-Day on Thursday, may I go to your house for a sleepover? For information call .....  THANKS!"
So...I almost said "no", but since Friday (today) is/was a PA day, I thought it might be fun.  Nigel, of course, wants nothing to do with it, so the show is mine and mine alone...I worked until 2:30, got to the school for 3:20, picked up the girls and brought them home.  They played while I did laundry (2 loads as I had to wash the bedding), and as Nigel "worked late", I packed up the girls and took them to the grocery store because the birthday girl wanted tacos. Shopped, got home, multitasked dinner and folding laundry/making beds, served dinner, cleaned, played Life, herded them up and put them in bed with some Halloween candy and "Mamma Mia".  So....at 11:48 rolls around...this girl doesn't "feel comfortable" sleeping without an adult, so I'm mashed between the two kids trying to act asleep so they'll sleep and then I can go sleep on the couch.  All is quiet, and then the girl sits up and leans in to whisper in my ear and says "I see dead people!!!"  After 4 times...it's not as funny as the first time.  They finally both went to sleep and I crashed on the couch for three hours and woke up unable to move my neck without pain. So...I meander into the washroom...am so tired and then hear myself randomly comment "Captain's log, Friday the 13th, 2009" and it made me laugh.  So...it wasn't really about the poop...for those who were offended, it was just me being amused by my random, somewhat entertaining brain.