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August 26, 2011


Soo...im in walmart and i see these two midgets trying to get something off the top shelf. I don't know why short people like to reach for the stars but they do. I went over to the midgets because they were stand on top of each other. I offered them help, and they declined. As im walking, the midgets make another attempt at the item on the shelf, one midet fell. I ran back to helpĀ him up and he repeatedly started kicking me in the shins. I pushed him and then the other midget jumped in and started kicking me in the back of my legs. I fell down and they both jumped on me. LOL! Wen i finally got up, i punched both of them in the mouth. I hung one on the end of a shelf and left the other in the middle of the toy section. I heard an associate over the intercom paging security to the toy department. I jus swiftly walked toward the washroom and i when i finally came out i saw the midgets with their parents. Hahaha! Thawt they were midgets.