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August 04, 2008


a few days ago i was sitting on my deck reading about L.Ron Hubbard. my wife was rolling around the porch with a sword balanced on her head, and the Butt Ninja was hurling ShadowBolts at unsuspecting monsters in the World of Warcraft. we weren't really communicating at all, but all of us seemed quite happy at the moment. doing simple, stupid things. i couldn't really even remember what else had happened to me that day, and i didnt' want to think about it because chances are, it would not have made me feel as good as reading that book about the batshit crazy man who somehow turned bad sci-fi into a religion.


look i don't really know where i'm going with this one at all...i'm stuck in the Chamber for 12 hours today and felt like i should be doing something...but i'm fighting (and finally, thanks to some help, winning) a nasty hangover. i got this hangover because last night i discovered that the bare minimum profit that the MTA makes per day is close to $500,000...per DAY...and that's with some conservative estimates in ridership and unconservative estimates in daily costs (amount of employees multiplied by their average wage. also taking into account close to $500,000 per day in construction costs, the only place the MTA could POSSIBLY be losing money), still they always come out ahead...it makes my blood boil that they are constantly griping about not having enough money and needing to raise fares...hey, MTA...wanna know why you can't make money...BECAUSE YOU'RE STEALING IT FROM YOURSELVES! people are skimming off the top...it has to be, there's no other way that an organization that is constantly in use by no less that 4 million people a day (at no less than $1.25 per person) could possibly be LOSING money...and every time an independant financial investigation takes place they make a big hairy deal out of it, send the guy in...he makes a few initial reports that seem to be damning...and the suddenly, inevitably, the independant investigation decides that the MTA has a good reason for having 2 sets of books and their plans and fare hikes are absolutly necessary...BULLSHIT! they just bought off the independant investigation with MY MONEY! i'm buying a bike until i can afford to move to Europe...seriously...so look out Luka, i'm coming to you...

but anyway, the emotions from above led me to drink A LOT of rum...and i threw up my pancakes...(sniff)

an old man came into the Chamber today missing most of his fingers (i think he had two, the index and middle, on his left hand, both his thumbs, and that was it). from the gnarled, scarred skin on his remaining nubs and the skin surrounding the back of his hand, i'd have to say the digits were removed involuntarily and by some sort of explosive force. what was astonishing to me was that if i hadn't been 8 inches away from the man i would not have noticed at all. this 80 year old man was more dexterious with two fingers and two thumbs than i am with a complete set of digits (unless were talking musical instruments or women). it was pretty impressive. i gave him a discount for being a badass.

all right...my head is clearing exponentially, so i'm gonna end this one and so some actual work here...but i'm sure i'll be back for more later...keep your ears to the blogstone