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October 26, 2016

You’ll Never Guess if You Like Pulp or Not

When you take that first sip of delicious orange juice in the morning, how do you picture it? Smooth and silky? Or chunky, like a tiny meal?A little known fact about humans is that we all have a “propensity for pulp” — an inherent preference for the pulpiness of our juice: 0%, 100%, 75%, 2-20% (otherwise known as “just a splash”).

Pulp propensity isn’t black and white! It’s an exact percentage that can be measured.Not sure what your propensity for pulp is? Take the quiz below to find out!


What color is an orange?

What genus of plants is the orange tree a member of?

With pulp or without it, orange juice is a great source of vitamin C. What is the alternate title of the song “Graduation” by pop musician Vitamin C?

What is the supposed role of oranges in the Godfather films?

Oranges are not native to Florida. When were they introduced to Florida?

Which of the following is NOT a variety of orange?

The Orange is a hybrid of which two of the following?

What disease did sailors famously use oranges and other citrus fruits to prevent?

According to legend, from whom did Hercules have to steal oranges?

Speaking of pulp, who was the director of Pulp Fiction, a famous movie not about oranges?

Speaking of which, who played Mr. Orange in the movie Reservoir Dogs?

What kind of color is orange?

Former King of England William of Orange was also known as…

The Orange River is the longest river in what country?

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