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September 07, 2009


Hi, I'm Alice Teeple. I've been writing and doing short films for about 10 years now. This lucrative unpaid and unrecognized career started when I took German 001 in 1999 and had to take an oral exam. To avoid having to get in front of the class and yammer on in rudimentary German, my instructor allowed me to make a movie. So I did what was the only sensible thing to do: I wrote a script about having a polka slave. The rest is history.

I've always liked telling funny stories and parodying what already exists. It's just something in my nature, I guess. My mom and dad were always good at recapping their days in a funny way, and dinnertime was always more about talking. I inherited my mom's talent for doing impressions of people. Once I pranked my roommate as this psycho girl she worked with, and had her fooled badly. I got yelled at by my elderly next door neighbor once for talking like Fred Schneider. (I'm not sure many others have that claim to fame.)

I was really prolific in college and immediately after - writing constantly, coercing my friends with nice voices to narrate, finding some kind of mildly sadistic glee in getting boys I crushed on to do and say silly things and film it (Karma may be why I can't get a date). I liked researching music cues, and learned how to be a really good editor through a lot of trial and error. I've also learned the importance of comedic timing.

YouTube was a revolution in some respects. Before it came about, I could only really share my work off my old e-zine, "Exquisite Dead Guy," which had an audience of, I'd say, less than a dozen. As I started experimenting more with found footage and making music videos as editing practice, I found I really enjoyed the production aspect. For a semester, my friend Dave landed me the chance to do a 6-episode TV show called The Sanity Clause - that only aired on the Penn State campus in the dorms. It was pretty ridiculous, but the experience of acting, producing, editing, and writing something even that small gave me a lot of experience that I treasure.

I'm completely self-taught. My background was actually in illustration and painting - and I've worked in the campus photography department for 4 years - but I found this much more rewarding and creative...let's face it, it's hard to be creative in a hot room with naked people in it.

Recently I decided I wanted to expand on what I've learned over the years, so I started taking writing classes through Second City and am doing one with UCB in NYC this fall. I love working with others and have a lot of enthusiasm for doing fun & playful things, so if you ever want to collaborate with me, LET'S TRY IT!

your buddy,