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November 17, 2008


It is with great sadness I share with everyone the passing of my pet rock, Kid.  Kid was the victim of a terrible, tragic accident.  My little nephew picked him up while he was sleeping and hurled him across the street.  It took a search party several hours to find his little remains.  Police believe he broke his little neck when he hit the pavement.  The coronor verified this when he found an internal crack during his authopsy.  He was 33 years young.  I am still debating as to whether or not I should press charges. 

What a loss this is.  Kid was amazing.  He listened to everything I said intently, never interrupting.  He was such a good ear when it came to sharing my problems.  I could truly feel that he cared.  Granted, he wasn't so great in the giving advice department; he was more the strong, silent type.  Surprisingly, he loved country music.  His favorite song was "All Summer Long".  I'm tearing up just thinking about how many times we sat and jammed to it together.  He also loved television.  He could litterally sit for hours and watch it.  He always had to watch "Rock of Love" on VH1.  I swear he never missed an episode.  He had just gotten into "Rock of Love: Charm School" before his untimely demise.  He also loved the Rockford Files.  Kid was always able to figure out the mystery before the reveal.  His hero though was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  It was always his dream to meet him.

He had other dreams too.  He wanted to go to Hawaii and visit his distant relatives.  He didn't look Hawaiian, but he was directly descended from lava rock.  Kid also wanted to learn to swim before he died.  Poor guy would try and try, but he always sank to the bottom.  His other dream was children.  He wanted to meet a nice girl, settle down, and have tons of pebbles.

Kid was a wonderful friend and faithful companion.  All I can say is rock on Kid, rock on.  You will be missed.