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Published May 22, 2012 More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
WEED and Comedy Central

So in this move idea i like to call "Ride The Waves" where 2 middle aged Brothers Jim FreeLand And Frankie Freeland (little bro Jim who will played by Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding and Big Bro by Ted MecGinley aka "Jefferson D'Aracy".) So old Jimmy here is out of a job a copying store. And yes his wife has dumbed his ass for good and now owns everything that was once his in life is now her sh*t. An o by the way yes his kids can't stand his ass at all. Now must call his stud big bro Frankie for a job. Frankie who owns and lives on a curse ship 24/7 all year long who is a single as it gets ladies ;-) you know what am talking about has his little bro as new the head bartender of the curse because this old boy can mix like a champ boys. An this is the story of how two brothers become friends and help each other out in the ?s of this wild world we live in and life it self. An along the way are boy Jim will find a new wife. An they all live on the ship happily ever after for ever more.

( A Comedy Cenrtal unsensored weekend movie special.)

( Keeping it real and raw in this one all the way you all, so i must say that i give have to give it a two thumbs up and one is in my pants ;-) so check it out already!) said Roger Ebert  *****